On-Demand Webinar. The New Age Crypto World: Discussion With Tata Consultancy Services

Crypto assets and tokenized securities have the potential to revolutionize the way investments are made and, in the process, democratize access, enhance liquidity, increase market efficiency and open transparency. But as these disruptive technologies evolve and pave new ways for sectors to function, how are they influencing the world of finance as we know it? And how can organizations benefit from including Crypto assets and tokenized securities in their product strategies?

We invite you to attend our virtual event with Quartz™ and Tata Consultancy Services where our panellists will debate and discuss The New Age Crypto World, including:

  • The decreased usage of cash and the future of finance in the context of Crypto assets, tokenized securities and Central Bank Digital currency
  • How regulatory direction is bringing Cryptocurrencies into mainstream
  • How industries can ride the wave and embrace this disruptive trend

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R Vivekanand, Vice President and Head, TCS Financial Solutions, Tata Consultancy Services


Shiv Kumar Bhasin, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, National Stock Exchange of India

Lucas Landolt, Director Operations, Lloyd’s & Partners AG

Adrian C. Bürgi, Managing Partner, Lloyd’s & Partners AG

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