Getting the ball rolling for enterprise blockchain: How Hyperledger sees the route to success

If you have ever been involved in any enterprise software procurement project, you will be more than aware of the time it takes to get things done; the peaks, troughs and sometimes interminable delays.

The hidden gotchas are always there too. Take the headline of an article by ThoughtWorks’ George Earle in 2017: “The tyranny of big suite enterprise software best practices: How decisions made 40 years ago straightjacket you today.”

Daniela Barbosa (left), VP of...

Commercializing Blockchain book extract: Exploring enterprise blockchain and trust

Enterprise blockchain is needed for the same reason as public blockchain – the world of trust has changed and we live in a ‘trustless’ World.

Enterprise organizations are complex and global – they span many divisions, teams, and entities internally AND they span many different external partners and organizations.

An enterprise network spans a significant number of different ‘parties’, the majority of which do not trust each other. Even intercompany is a...

Report paints optimistic picture for Canadian blockchain ecosystem

A report from Canada’s Chamber of Digital Commerce has shed a largely positive light on the country’s fledgling blockchain ecosystem, albeit with warnings over scalability.

The paper, the first in a series put together alongside Accenture and the Blockchain Research Institute, assessed that more than 400 ventures in Canada are leveraging distributed ledger technologies (DLT), with Ontario accounting for more than half of these organisations. The country is just inside the top...

Modex launches new enterprise platform to simplify blockchain development

modex blockchain platform development

Modex has announced the launch of an enterprise-focused blockchain platform.

The Blockchain Database Platform (BCDB) aims to help enterprises simplify the technology’s deployment in days rather than taking months. The platform aims to be affordable and can be used by both small and mid-level enterprises. In addition to this launch, the blockchain enablement platform also announced Netherlands-based energy operations and maintenance services provider, Dietsmann, as among pilot...

Oil and gas consortium to start blockchain testing to automate payments

The Texas-based OOC Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium, consisting major players like Chevron Corp, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil Corp, Equinor, and Royal Dutch Shell, will soon start testing the blockchain technology to lowering administrative costs in their field operations, along with reducing payment disputes and risk of fraud.

For this purpose, as initially reported by Reuters, the Group has given a contract to Houston-based software company Data Gumbo to pilot blockchain for...

Mastercard joins R3’s blockchain-powered Marco Polo Network

Mastercard has joined enterprise blockchain provider R3’s Marco Polo Network, which is powered by the latter’s decentralised database Corda.

The American financial services giant announced its participation in the project, developed jointly by R3 and Ireland’s TradeIX, in its most recent news release.

The Marco Polo initiative offers a multi-asset class platform that provides broker-dealer services, multicurrency transactions and more. The collaboration between...

World Economic Forum: On how to build a business case for your blockchain project

You've decided that there is a need for blockchain in one aspect of your organisation, whether it is in retail or manufacturing, increasing provenance or profitability. But how do you begin to build out that business case?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has put out a report which explores a variety of industries, from automotive to healthcare to travel, and their various advantages and disadvantages.

One of the key initial points was around blockchain use cases across...

Blockchain founders raised $822m by Q2 – with enterprises focused on open source

According to the latest State of Blockchains report from Outlier Ventures, blockchain startups raised $822 million by Q2 – but the ecosystem continues to lag behind the 2017 and early 2018 peak.

$822m was raised across 279 deals over the second quarter of 2019, with more than half of them being seed stage deals indicating continued fresh talent into the space.

Yet while the numbers may be lower, the scope is much more advanced – particularly with how enterprises are...

How IBM is looking long-term to enable a business as usual blockchain future

At the recent Blockchain Expo Europe event in Amsterdam, several of the use cases presented focused on particular industries, from FMCG, to finance, to automotive. Yet to truly understand blockchain technologies – as these examples all proved – you have to go beyond an industry-centric mindset and paint a fuller picture.

IBM, who had an extensive presence at the event, had its own automotive example it was showcasing, through its work with Vinturas. Using IBM’s blockchain,...

How Hyperledger is helping companies as they move towards the ‘enterprise blockchain spring’

While the optimists are saying we’re getting out of a cryptocurrency winter, the past few months have certainly seen an enterprise blockchain spring.

That’s the verdict of Brian Behlendorf, executive director at Hyperledger, at least. Behlendorf looks at the various updates the foundation has made in recent months holistically, rather than being deeply involved in the product and strategy side – he describes his role as a ‘weatherman’ – to make his considered...