Blockchain spending in Europe will recover post-Covid-19, says IDC

The short-term outlook for blockchain technologies in Europe is not good right now amid the coronavirus pandemic - but there is a note of optimism in certain sectors, according to IDC.

The analyst firm's latest forecast, based on its European IT Buyer Sentiment Survey and global blockchain spending guide, shows spending on blockchain solutions will be down around 8% in 2020. This counters previous analysis which saw blockchain spending at $1.4 billion this year, running at a 58%...

Blockchain, AI, IoT and 5G to add $30bn to Sydney economy in 10 years, says Digital Realty

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G technologies will contribute more than AU$30 billion to Sydney's economy by 2029 - according to new research from Digital Realty.

As reported by IT Brief Australia, the data centre operator argues that Sydney is leading Australia in digital technology adoption. As of 2019, emerging technologies currently contribute AU$6.66bn to the Sydney economy, with IoT counting for half of that...

World Economic Forum advocates ‘thoughtful’ blockchain implementation for supply chain post-Covid-19

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has launched a blockchain deployment toolkit aimed at presenting guidelines for implementation best practices - as the body urges that beyond the coronavirus pandemic a 'thoughtful' outlook for the technology is required.

The toolkit is the result of more than a year's work by the WEF, working with more than 100 organisations and 50 countries and looking into 40 blockchain use cases, from provenance and traceability to automation and streamlined...

General Motors applies for blockchain map patent

General Motors (GM) has filed an application to the US Patent and Trademark Office for a “Decentralized Distributed Map Using Blockchain.”

The patent tries to solve an issue related to the dynamic feedback of mapping around a car.

At present, most vehicles, including autonomous vehicles, leverage some type of navigation system that provides detailed maps to the driver of the vehicle or the automated driving system regarding the geographic location of the vehicle and...

EY introduces third gen ZKP blockchain to public domain, Block.One launches 2.0

Ernst & Young (EY) has introduced its third generation zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) blockchain technology to the Ethereum public blockchain.

According to the accountancy giant, the enhanced ZKP enables private transactions on public blockchains to be less expensive and more scalable by combining several private transfers together into a single transaction.

The newly enhanced ZKP blockchain technology, which also reduces the size of an on-chain Merkle tree, combines up...

Juventus and Fiorentina move ahead with blockchain for fan engagement and shirt certification

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but it seems you can with the Old Lady.

Juventus, alongside Fiorentina, are two leading Italian football clubs who have announced the launch of blockchain projects focused around fan engagement and shirt certification respectively. Yet not all may be what it seems.

Last week a press release from Socios, a Malta-based company which claims to be ‘the world’s first blockchain-based voting and rewards mobile app for sports and...

TRON integrates with Samsung Blockchain Keystore

The TRON blockchain has been successfully added into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, the companies have announced.

TRON’s integration into the updated Keystore SDK allows developers to build applications, which enables the users to directly access TRON blockchain from their devices. The users will also be able to use other best in class features that TRON offers.

On its partnership with Samsung, TRON founder and CEO, Justin Sun, said: “This is a remarkable milestone...

ConsenSys highlights top 20 blockchain projects listed on GitHub

top blockchain projects consensys

An article recently published by blockchain software technology company ConsenSys has highlighted top 20 blockchain projects referring to a list compiled by the State of the DApps, which collected data from software development platform GitHub.

DApps are computer applications that run on distributed computing systems.

Presently, State of the DApps lists over 3,037 applications running on numerous blockchains like Ethereum and EOS.

According to ConsenSys, the...

Deutsche Telekom launches blockchain professorship at CODE University of Applied Sciences

Deutsche Telekom has joined hands with Berlin-based CODE University of Applied Sciences to create a specialised professorship, called “professorship for software engineering with a specialisation in blockchain”.

The newly created position will be led by academician Dr. Peter Ruppel, who is best known for his work into distributed systems. Ruppel started teaching the subject on 23rd, which is the first day of the new academic year. He is aiming to explore distributed ledger...

Gartner’s 2019 blockchain hype cycle promises ‘transformational’ impact… in 10 years

Gartner has taken out its crystal ball again and put out its latest hype cycle for blockchain – predicting that the business impact of blockchain technologies will be ‘transformational’ across the majority of industries in 10 years.

The hype cycle (below) features a wide variety of potential use cases, with the vast majority coming to fruition within the decade. Only a handful, such as an extremely nascent collaboration of blockchain and 3D printing, are seen with a longer...