Commercializing Blockchain book extract: Exploring enterprise blockchain and trust

Enterprise blockchain is needed for the same reason as public blockchain – the world of trust has changed and we live in a ‘trustless’ World.

Enterprise organizations are complex and global – they span many divisions, teams, and entities internally AND they span many different external partners and organizations.

An enterprise network spans a significant number of different ‘parties’, the majority of which do not trust each other. Even intercompany is a...

Blockchain Education Alliance launches with Tron, Stellar and Hedera on board

MouseBelt is aiming to play a big role to promote blockchain – not by advertising about the technology, but by making it part of university curriculum. The blockchain accelerator and startup studio recently announced its newest initiative, called the Blockchain Education Alliance, which aims to drive blockchain innovation through education.

The Blockchain Education Alliance, which has collaborated with engineering departments at UCLA, UCSB, and UC Davis, through their UC...

Report paints optimistic picture for Canadian blockchain ecosystem

A report from Canada’s Chamber of Digital Commerce has shed a largely positive light on the country’s fledgling blockchain ecosystem, albeit with warnings over scalability.

The paper, the first in a series put together alongside Accenture and the Blockchain Research Institute, assessed that more than 400 ventures in Canada are leveraging distributed ledger technologies (DLT), with Ontario accounting for more than half of these organisations. The country is just inside the top...

How blockchain could be used for traceability: Watermarking data in time, place and identity

Opinion Blockchain has been one of the most widely discussed technologies in recent years, since its first application acting as a platform for the transaction of Bitcoin. Since then, the revolutionary technology that touts decentralisation of data has been applied to a number of industries for its element of trust as it is not native to one location or computer, exists publicly and each transaction is verifiable.

Despite a prediction from Global Analyst House Forrester in 2018,...

Hedera Hashgraph opens up its mainnet as decentralised applications go live

Hedera Hashgraph has announced open access to its mainnet beta and is allowing developers to build decentralised applications (dapps) on its platform.

Being a public launch, any private citizen can create their account on the enterprise-grade public distributed ledger platform. Developers have already been building on the network over the last few months during its closed beta -- and today, the Hedera mainnet is launched with 26 dapps and solutions that are running live...

Warner Music joins investment round in Dapper Labs – reports

Warner Music Group has joined an $11 million (£9m) investment round in Canadian blockchain specialist Dapper Labs, known for developing viral blockchain game CryptoKitties, according to reports.

As reported by Forbes, this investment will be used to complete and deploy Flow -- a public blockchain similar to Ethereum.

Last year, Warner Music generated more than £3 billion in revenue from projects including partnerships negotiated by the company’s SVP of business...

DappRadar raises $2.3 million in seed round for decentralised app directory

DappRadar, a Lithuanian firm that lists the most popular decentralised applications (dapps), recently secured $2.3 million (£1.89m) in a seed funding round led by South African multinational media and internet group Naspers.

The funding round, led through Naspers Ventures, was also accompanied by Ventures and Angel Invest Berlin.

DappRadar will be using the accumulated funds mainly for R&D, developing new functionality to help the business expand...

Huobi moves into the blockchain phone space with latest offering

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi is entering into hardware applications for the first time by launching a blockchain-powered smartphone.

The official launch of the Acute Angle will be announced during the launch of its sixth Huobi Prime – the company’s Direct Premium Offering platform.

On September 11, Huobi Global will be introducing a native token for the Whole Network as well as the Acute Angle, called NODE. As part of this launch, Huomi is allowing...

US Air Force looking to blockchain for defence data security, says Constellation

The US Air Force (USAF) is looking to blockchain to secure a variety of data sources in its defence operations, according to a statement from Constellation Network.

The San Francisco-based startup announced it had signed a working contract with the Air Force as part of its USAF SMIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Phase I program.

"Constellation will create a leap in the USAF's current capabilities with a focus on the agile interoperability of both legacy and future...

Deloitte launches ‘blockchain in a box’ offering

Deloitte has launched a mobile, self-contained technology platform that offers intuitive, tangible blockchain demonstrations and experimentations.

Dubbed as “blockchain in a box”, or BIAB, the platform has the ability of hosting blockchain-based solutions across four small-form-factor compute nodes and three video displays, in addition to networking components that allow integration with external services, such as cloud-based systems. Each of these compute nodes accepts Secure...