EY ramps up blockchain offering with procurement and visualisation tools

EY (Ernst & Young) has continued its blockchain momentum with two new releases of an enterprise network procurement offering and visualisation tool.

The EY OpsChain Network Procurement tool, built on the EY OpsChain platform, will aim to allow companies to run private, secure, end-to-end procurement activities on Ethereum.

"As more and more companies work as part of global business networks, it has become difficult to manage network-level agreements from inside a...

South Korea’s biggest job site using blockchain to verify applications in ‘full implementation’

South Korean technology provider ICONLOOP and recruitment platform SaraminHR have announced success in a pilot to prevent job application fraud through blockchain technologies.

The two companies signed an agreement earlier this year to build and promote a blockchain-based decentralised identity ecosystem, among other services. The announcement relates to what is claimed as 'the first full implementation of blockchain technology in the recruitment and staffing industry in South...

DAML becomes available on Corda – with production and enterprise features to come

DAML, an open source language for constructing smart contracts, is now available commercially on R3's Corda.

The announcement came from digital finance technology provider IntellectEU. The company said that the move will enable developers to move beyond Kotlin, a general purpose programming language, to write and run applications on the platform.

DAML on Corda is available now for development and testing, while production use and enterprise features are expected later...

Alibaba offshoot Ant Financial launches SMB blockchain platform following enterprise move

Ant Financial Services, an offshoot of Alibaba, has launched a new blockchain platform for small enterprises and developers.

OpenChain aims to provide developers and organisations access to Ant Financial's proprietary consortium of blockchain technologies, enabling them to deploy smart contracts and decentralised apps with greater efficiency and lower cost.

The product 'features industry-leading blockchain technologies developed by Ant Financial to build trust in...

Libra changes course after regulatory hurdles with more ties to local currencies

Meet the new Libra - not quite the same as the old Libra. The Facebook-backed digital currency initaitive has today launched a redesigned roadmap after encountering blowback from regulators.

The vision for Libra is now to create a more traditional payment system tied to local currencies, including USD, EUR and GBP. The Libra coin (LBR) - therein the original concept of a digital currency backed by assets - remains, but as co-creator David Marcus noted, will be a "smart contract...

Gartner: Organisations using smart contracts will improve data quality by 50%

In its latest report, Gartner has predicted that companies that use blockchain smart contracts will increase overall data quality by 50% by 2023 – but reduce data availability by 30%.

Lydia Clougherty Jones, senior research director at Gartner said: “When an organisation adopts blockchain smart contracts — whether externally imposed or voluntarily adopted — they benefit from the associated increase in data quality, which will increase by 50 per cent by...

Blockchain technologies and media: How to rebuild trust in a landscape of fake news

If the one main cause of social media and Internet-based technologies is a democratisation of the court of opinion, then the erosion of trust is its effect.

An accidental effect? You be the judge. Information is everywhere today, so where should we look for the most trustworthy, the most up-to-date? Are the old bulwarks still up to the job? Naturally, amid such uncertainty, purveyors of disinformation and distortion run rampant – and the media industry, therefore, is facing a...

Daimler works with Riddle&Code to secure DLT hardware wallet

Austrian blockchain firm Riddle&Code has announced details and context of its DLT hardware wallet that is powering a Daimler Financial Services-led consortium to provide an open car wallet solution.

Alexander Koppel, CEO and co-founder, Riddle&Code, said: “This is a prime example of a global market leader betting on European industry collaboration and DLT-based innovation. A new generation of open mobility services will create new business models, and Riddle&Code...

Consensys lists top 20 blockchain projects by developer activity

Consensys recently announced its list of the top 20 blockchain projects by developer activity.

The list contains 16 projects that are based on Ethereum alone, with Status holding the topmost position. Others in the list include IoTex, Aelf and two more projects, of which one is built on Tendermint, one on EOS. 

According to the New York-based blockchain software tech company’s post, “The month of June showed significant changes in rankings for activity on Github,...

Why existing blockchain custody offerings are ‘invariably’ not secure – and what can be done about it

Writing for Bitcoin.com in January, Tanzeel Akhtar explains that, according to research by the Bank of New York Mellon, there is ‘increasing demand in the market for a traditional, established custodian to provide secure storage of cryptocurrencies.’ “For many it is the bridge that will support institutional capital moving into the cryptocurrency market,” Akhtar added.

This need for an extra layer of reassurance – as the crypto markets begin to stabilise following a...