Q&A: Peter Stein, CEO, Agreement Solutions

With the current uncertain climate around COVID-19, many people have been looking towards more bankable assets and investments; a difficult job as the global markets plummet. It is fair to say that the history of blockchain technologies – ICO boom in 2017, crash in 2018, consolidation thereafter – would not mark it out right now, despite what one may read from the Bitcoin press. Yet some companies are trying to change that.

Agreement Solutions, based in Germany, is aiming to...

Toyota and Securitize develop blockchain-based ID platform

Toyota is looking to expand the scope of its blockchain operations with a new personal ID and vehicle ID platform that has been developed in collaboration with blockchain start-up BUIDL.

The personal ID platform can be used by corporate entities to manage points, employee benefits and digital certificate issuance, whereas the vehicle ID platform can be used to manage vehicle registration, maintenance records, ownership records and more.

BUIDL, established in 2018 and...

Three quarters of execs see blockchain as enterprise-wide priority, says Wipro

More good news for those tracking blockchain’s expected rise in the enterprise: a new report from Wipro has found three quarters of executives polled said they look at blockchain as an enterprise-wide strategic priority.

The report, whose title – ‘Ignore Blockchain At Your Peril, But Don’t Drive Blindly’ – intimates the overall message, was put together by HFS Research and polled 300 senior executives, a third of whom were C-suite, around current and future blockchain...

Walmart leads septet of new Hyperledger members

Hyperledger has announced a tranche of new members at its global forum in San Francisco – with retail giant Walmart leading the way.

In total, seven companies have joined up to the Linux Foundation-backed blockchain technology initiative across various roles. Some, such as Tangem, a Swiss-based manufacturer of blockchain-based smart card wallets, and Clear, a provider of blockchain-based settlement and clearing networks, will be familiar to industry watchers.


Nike and Macy’s take part in Auburn University blockchain trials

Auburn University’s RFID Lab has developed a blockchain platform for retailers who can share their product data across the retail supply chain, with major apparel brands like Nike and Macy’s, along with other brands, participating in a recent trial of the new platform.

According to a study called the Chain Integration Project (CHIP), Nike, Macy’s and other brands ran Hyperledger Fabric nodes on a part of their major supply chains, eventually finding out that the blockchain...

Michel Rauchs, CCAF: On Libra, Bitcoin power consumption, and learning from history

Of all the emerging technologies set to transform business processes, blockchain stands on its own for a variety of reasons. Whereas many – 5G, cloud, augmented reality – are the next iteration of what has come before, blockchain stands alone.

As a result, it’s difficult to rely on past laurels. Those at the sharp end need to have interests and expertise in a variety of specialisms, from computer science, to economics, to geo-politics.

Michel Rauchs (left)...

EY, ConsenSys and Microsoft team up for Baseline enterprise Ethereum project

Ernst & Young (EY), ConsenSys and Microsoft are coming together to form a protocol which aims to make Ethereum ‘safe and effective’ for enterprise usage.

Making blockchain technologies enterprise-friendly has long been a goal of the industry; the key part being increasing the transaction speed to deal with complex organisational goals. The efforts of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) and Foundation aside, Ethereum has so far struggled on this front, although...

R3 paints optimistic look on enterprise blockchain adoption as companies become ‘smarter’

A new report from R3 paints an optimistic picture for enterprise blockchain initiatives, with companies learning more around how the technology works and delivery increasing.

The report, titled ‘Blockchain: 2020 Vision’, argues that delivery issues, rather than disillusionment, led to the slowdown. In other words, putting these things together takes time; companies who have been working on privacy, performance, and enterprise integration in 2018 and 2019 will see success in...

John Calian, SVP, Deutsche Telekom: How blockchain brings trust to the emerging M2M economy

“Think about all of your interactions, whether it’s humans dealing with humans or humans dealing with machines,” John Calian, senior vice president and head of T-Labs at Deutsche Telekom, explains. “How do you trust things?”

The concept of trust, so central to the rise in blockchain technologies, is one where consumers are increasingly gaining power. But there is a long way to go. A report from the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights in September predicted...

Kaspersky unveils new blockchain-based voting machine – reports

Blockchain - voting

Kaspersky Lab has introduced a voting machine based on Polys, a blockchain-based online voting system.

Kaspersky’s new voting machine would work like distributed ledger technology wherein the votes would be encrypted and the link between the voters would be verified, after which they will be able to confirm their vote that has been recorded on the blockchain.

The new system would aim to help reduce the possibility of fraud by verifying voters, as they would be able to...