Q&A: Dale Chrystie, FedEx: On building the ‘big global village’ for blockchain development

In April this year, Rob Carter, the CIO of courier giant FedEx, argued that, for all of the hype and projects related to the blockchain industry, a need for collaboration is vital. Take the fledgling rail industry in the United States in the 19th century as an example; only an act of Congress in 1863 forced through the adoption of an industry-standard gauge, enabling unified development.

For blockchain technologies, Carter argued, a similar initiative needs to take place. Given...

Oxfam works on blockchain pilot for farmers in Sri Lanka

Oxfam, along with leading insurer Aon and insurtech startup Etherisc, announced it has successfully completed the first phase of delivering a blockchain-based microinsurance to smallholder paddy field farmers in Sri Lanka.

According to the companies 200 farmers, who were at risk of losing their crops due to extreme weather, enrolled for the programme, which made payouts to them in the initial stage.

After tasting success in the first phase, the companies will proceed...

Volvo joins responsible sourcing blockchain network with focus on digital supply chain for cobalt

Blockchain network Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network (RSBN), has announced that its digital supply chain for cobalt has moved the pilot phase and is progressing toward use in live production computing environments starting in spring 2020 – with Swedish automaker Volvo as its newest recruit.

RSBN, built on the IBM Blockchain Platform and assured by RCS Global Group, will have continued participation from founding members including Ford Motor Company, Volkswagen Group, LG...

Juniper predicts blockchain-based B2B cross-border payments to surpass $4.4 trillion by 2024

A new report from Juniper Research has argued the total value of B2B cross-border payments immutably stored on blockchains will hit $4.4 trillion (£3.41tn) by 2024 – and ranks IBM as the primary vendor.

The report, titled ‘Blockchain: Key Vertical Opportunities, Trends & Challenges 2019-2030’, also noted blockchain will help financial institutions save $7bn by the same year, due to the automation of ‘know your customer’ checks, allied to the involvement of...

Getting the ball rolling for enterprise blockchain: How Hyperledger sees the route to success

If you have ever been involved in any enterprise software procurement project, you will be more than aware of the time it takes to get things done; the peaks, troughs and sometimes interminable delays.

The hidden gotchas are always there too. Take the headline of an article by ThoughtWorks’ George Earle in 2017: “The tyranny of big suite enterprise software best practices: How decisions made 40 years ago straightjacket you today.”

Daniela Barbosa (left), VP of...

æternity collaborates with Microsoft to support blockchain startups in Malta

æternity has collaborated with Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) to support the growth of blockchain technology in Malta.

For this purpose, æternity’s investment arm, AE Ventures, and Microsoft will host regular blockchain events locally to promote the country’s position as a friendly jurisdiction for blockchain businesses to launch and incorporate.

The first event hosted by the companies will be a week-long intensive training programme for blockchain startups in...

Analysing China’s about turn on blockchain – and what could come next

The past week has seen various significant developments in terms of how blockchain technologies will be perceived and developed in China.

On October 25, it was reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping had described the technology as an ‘important breakthrough’, with more developments needed to accelerate the sector, as well as greater interoperability between blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Xinhua, China’s...

TRON integrates with Samsung Blockchain Keystore

The TRON blockchain has been successfully added into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, the companies have announced.

TRON’s integration into the updated Keystore SDK allows developers to build applications, which enables the users to directly access TRON blockchain from their devices. The users will also be able to use other best in class features that TRON offers.

On its partnership with Samsung, TRON founder and CEO, Justin Sun, said: “This is a remarkable milestone...

Inter-American Development Bank to use blockchain for land administration in South America

Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has collaborated with blockchain platform ChromaWay on an initiative focused around land administration and registry.

The project, titled “Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain): The Future of Land Titling and Registry”, is a two-year initiative that will be carried out in Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay and will launch in November 2019.

The blockchain project will be closely aligned with the IDB Lab – an...

Energy blockchain applications market predicted to see 67% CAGR in the coming decade

Navigant Research has predicted that global energy blockchain applications will generate $19 billion in cumulative revenue over the next decade at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 66.9% during that time.

In its latest report, titled “Energy Blockchain Applications Overview”, Navigant anticipates the early growth of the applications to be concentrated in regions with competitive market structures and low barriers to market entry in Europe, Asia Pacific, and parts of the...