Blockchain Technology Partners raises £2 million for distributed ledgers tech

A collection of Sterling notes.

Enterprise blockchain firm Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) has closed a seed round of £2 million.

BTP was founded in 2018 with the mission to bring the benefits of distributed ledger technology to business. BTP enables organisations to build multiparty applications by taking care of the underlying technology infrastructure. The company’s flagship offering, Sextant, radically simplifies the deployment and management of enterprise blockchain infrastructure.


Digital-only cryptocurrency artwork predicted to sell for £200,000+

The Crypto Train artwork.

A digital artwork that only exists as a high-resolution file is expected to surpass its reservation price of £120,000 when its auction by Thomas Crown Art is completed.

‘The Crypto Train’ by British artist Adrian Chesterman is said to showcase the parallel between traditional money and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

NFTs are digital collectibles that are encoded onto a blockchain - the same technology on which cryptocurrencies run - creating a unique digital...

Fujitsu and DCX plan to use blockchain to revolutionise global commodities trading

A person sifting rice in a field.

Fujitsu has partnered with Digital Commodity Exchange Pte. (DCX) to accelerate the digital transformation (DX) of the global commodity trading industry, including the trade of agricultural products such as grains and raw materials for manufactured goods. 

In addition, Fujitsu made an investment in DCX on July 13, 2021, through a fund managed by its subsidiary, Fujitsu Ventures.

DCX is a holding company of Rice Exchange, a digital platform for rice buyers and...

UK advertising watchdog takes misleading crypto marketers to task

Cryptocurrency coins.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has vowed to clamp down on misleading marketing for crypto investments.

The move comes as part of a broader effort by regulators to protect consumers who otp to trade in unregulated digital assets.

ASA said it will force the removal of misleading or irresponsible cryptocurrency advertisements, particularly on social media platforms.

Crack down hard

Miles Lockwood, director of complaints and...

Tech Mahindra and StaTwig implement blockchain-based traceability solution for vaccines

Bottles of covid vaccine.

Tech Mahindra, a provider of digital transformation, consulting, services and solutions, has partnered with StaTwig, a digital supply chain solution provider, to implement ‘VaccineLedger’ globally. 

The partnership aims to roll-out a blockchain-based traceability solution for global vaccine supply chain transparency, predict and prevent failures in supply chains, including problems related to expired vaccines, stock out and counterfeiting.

Through this...

VeriBlock Foundation reveals MESS vulnerability in Ethereum classic blockchain

An Etherum coin next to US dollars and a wallet.

The team behind VeriBlock Blockchain has published details of a critical security vulnerability in Ethereum Classic's MESS protocol, which it disclosed to ETC developers in October 2020, prior to the activation of the consensus technology on the mainnet.

The VeriBlock Blockchain project extends Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work (PoW) security to the world's blockchains in a decentralised, trustless, transparent and permissionless (DTTP) manner.

The team intentionally omitted one...

Blockchain-based Polys introduces new voting methods and usability improvements

Voters submitting their ballot paper.

Polys, a blockchain-based voting platform from the Kaspersky Innovation Hub, has been enhanced with new voting methods to support common customer requests. 

The platform has also been updated with new features for organisers that make election administration and orchestration easier. 

Over the past year, various aspects of people’s lives have moved online, including making joint decisions. That has led to the number of sessions on Polys increasing threefold...

Marvel set to offer digital collectibles experience for superhero fans

A collection of Marvel comics.

Marvel has partnered with the VeVe Digital Collectibles app platform to let its fans buy official Marvel NFT digital collectibles and comic books.

Available on iOS and Android, the VeVe Digital Collectibles App brings fandom directly to fans wherever they are by offering a rich collecting experience. Through the VeVe Digital Collectibles App, fans can buy and collect a variety of Marvel NFTs; trade and hunt for rare NFT comic books and collectibles; and display their collection...

Blockwall creates venture capital fund for blockchain startups

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Blockwall Management, a Bafin-registered asset manager, has closed its Blockwall Capital II fund. 

The target volume for the venture capital fund, which invests in pioneering blockchain startups, is up to €50 million (£42.97). The final closing is scheduled for the end of 2021.

The new fund focuses on equity investments in early-stage startups that can advance tangible applications based on blockchain technology and thus add real value to businesses. The venture...

UK police seize £114 million of cryptocurrency

A police sign.

Scotland Yard detectives have arrested a woman accused of money laundering, and have seized £114 million of cryptocurrency.

It is thought to be one of the largest seizures of cryptocurrency in the world.

The 39-year-old woman, dubbed ‘moneybags’, was arrested at an address in London and taken into custody at a London police station. She has since been bailed to a date in late July.

The cryptocurrency was captured as part of an ongoing money laundering...