BitTrunks to sell world’s first NFT painted by elephants

BitTrunks Elephant NFT
BitTrunks to sell world’s first NFT painted by elephants
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As if the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) couldn’t get any more bizarre, you will soon be able to purchase digital paintings made by elephants.

BitTrunks, the newly formed NFT-branch of Elephant Art Online, will be debuting for auction the world’s first NFT painted by an elephant on OpenSea on 28 October.

The NFT, called the “Tree of Life”, was painted by a seven-year-old elephant named Tunwa at the Maetaeng Elephant Park and Clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The top bidder for the NFT will also receive the physical painting along with photos from the creative process and a QR code certificate of authenticity.

With tourism at the Maetaeng Elephant Park having to close down due to Covid-19, the owners have had to seek out innovative ways to bring in revenue to support the more than eighty elephants that live there. BitTrunks provides the means for the park to reach a global audience and raise awareness.

Collections of all the paintings available for sale by the park’s four resident painters can be looked at here and, depending on the success of the upcoming NFT sale, expect to see more elephant NFTs on OpenSea in the coming weeks.

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