Weekly NFT roundup May 19-25: OneOf, Propy and Charlie Bit My Finger

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Weekly NFT roundup May 19-25: OneOf, Propy and Charlie Bit My Finger

Investors plough $63 million into music NFT platform OneOf

Non-fungible token (NFT) platform OneOf has raised $63 million in a seed round from prominent tech and music industry veterans.

The platform was co-founded by tech entrepreneur Lin Dai, digital media executive Joshua James, and music industry veteran Adam Fell, in partnership with Quincy Jones and Quincy Jones Productions.

OneOf says it aims to break down economic barriers to entry in the NFT market.

The platform has committed to $0 minting costs for all artists looking to launch NFTs on its platform.

NFTs in the form of collectible music, art and experiences will be launched on OneOf by a plethora of stars, including John Legend, Doja Cat, TLC and Whitney Houston.

Built on the Tezos blockchain protocol, OneOf claims that minting an NFT on its platform uses two million times less energy than platforms on the Ethereum Network.

Describing itself as “deeply committed to a sustainable blockchain future”, OneOf has vowed to donate a percentage of revenue from every sale to a charity of the artist’s choice, or an environmental cause partner.

Lin Dai, CEO and co-founder of OneOf, said: “Blockchain has the ability to democratize ownership and bring economic empowerment to both artists and fans.

“We’re building a technology company with an artist-first ethos and eco-conscious mission to help introduce hundreds of millions of non-crypto native users to blockchain through easy and exciting use cases such as NFTs.”

Charlie Bit My Finger viral video sold for £538,000 as NFT

The Charlie Bit My Finger video clip, regarded as one of the first videos to go viral on the internet, is to be removed from YouTube after it was bought as an NFT in auction.

The clip of Harry having his finger chewed by baby brother Charlie went for $760,999 (£538,000) when the Davies-Carr family put it up for auction.

Bids came into their auction page throughout the weekend, but the price dramatically shot up in the sale’s final hours on Sunday as two anonymous accounts attempted to outbid each other.

In the end, ‘3fmusic’ outbid ‘mememaster’ for the video, which has been watched more than 880 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube in 2007.

The clip is due to be removed from the video sharing platform following the auction’s conclusion.

Propy plans first-ever auction of a real apartment as a collectible NFT

Decentralised real-estate marketplace Propy plans to auction a real apartment as an NFT. 

The NFT attached to a new one-bedroom apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, will be sold. It is the same apartment Propy previously used in the first-ever blockchain-based real estate sale.

Propy said the NFT will transfer real ownership of the property. It will also include access to the ownership transfer paperwork; a digital artwork NFT by a popular Kiev graffiti artist, Chizz (a physical painting of the digital artwork is painted on a wall of the apartment) and the apartment pictures. 

Natalia Karayaneva, CEO of Propy said: “This NFT will go down in history. For Propy it is a major milestone in leveraging the promise of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFT) to achieve ‘self-driving’ real estate transactions and real estate participation in the decentralised finance economy.”

Bidding will begin on June 8 with a starting price of $20,000.

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