The Linux Foundation launches new Hyperledger training courses and certification

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The Linux Foundation is offering an educational opportunity for students to enrol for its latest LFD271 – Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals training course, which introduces the fundamental concepts of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Students who sign up will also learn about the core architecture and components that make up typical decentralised Hyperledger Fabric applications. Enrolled students will also get to work with Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Fabric Certificate Authority and the Hyperledger Fabric SDK.

The LFD271 is basically designed for developers and application developers who will learn how business logic is put to use in Hyperledger Fabric through chaincode (Hyperledger Fabric’s smart contracts) and review the various transaction types used to read from and write to the distributed ledger. They will get to see how their applications can invoke transactions using the Hyperledger Fabric JavaScript SDK.

Clyde Seepersad, Linux Foundation general manager for training and certification, said: “Blockchain technology adoption is increasing at a rapid pace – with TechCrunch reporting blockchain jobs as the second-fastest growing in today’s labour market – leading to a shortage of professionals who are qualified to implement and manage it on an enterprise scale. After seeing more than 100,000 students take our free introductory Hyperledger course, we knew it was time for more advanced training options, and certification exams to demonstrate the extent of professionals’ knowledge.”

Elsewhere, Blockchain Foundry has announced the updated release of Blockmarket Desktop. Blockmarket Desktop 3.1 introduces several performance enhancements and bug fixes to the platform. This latest desktop update provides significant user experience and user interface improvements. Alias management, asset management, additional menu options for improved usability, free encrypted messaging, bug fixes, etc., are the enhancements the Blockmarket Desktop has received.


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