Chinese e-commerce giant launches open blockchain platform

The Chinese e-commerce giant has launched a blockchain-as-a-service platform to help its customers track the transparency and efficiency of their operations.

According to its official announcement, the service called JD Blockchain Open Platform will enable JD’s enterprise customers to build, host and use their own blockchain applications on public and private enterprise cloud, and will be available with “one-click deployment”.

Cited use cases include tracking and tracing the movement of goods and charity donations, authenticity certification, property assessment, transaction settlements, digital copyrights and enhancing productivity.

A “culmination of the expertise and experience” in blockchain technology initially developed for its own operations, the Blockchain Open Platform forms part of the company’s wider ‘Retail-as-a-Service’ (RaaS) strategy, where the company is making its own advanced e-commerce tech available to other companies and industries. The platform will house an application store, providing in-house developed “bottom layers, tools and software”, so users can safely and conveniently customise applications for their business needs.

One of the firm’s first partners to use the platform is the China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC), which used the BaaS to deploy a traceable system for “fapiao” e-invoices – a requirement in China for business – by applying unique blockchain IDs to each document to increase the efficiency of the accounting process.

“Blockchain technology is transforming the way companies do business, and we are pleased to have found a great partner in JD to guide and help us along the way,” said Yanhong Pan, vice president and CFO of CPIC.

“JD is an innovator in its field and we are confident its blockchain e-invoice system will create greater efficiency in our operations,” said Yanhong Pan, vice president and CFO of CPIC.

The launch of the Blockchain Open Platform isn’t the first time JD has utilised the technology, however, having introduced a blockchain tracing platform last year to enable customers to track and trace the source and development process of the products they purchase.

JD claims that, to date, this has allowed the company to trace more than 11,000 separate products for over 400 brands.  


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