Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0 released

Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0 released

Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0, the modular platform for building, deploying and running distributed ledgers, has received its general release. The release makes Sawtooth the second active Hyperledger project currently available, following on from the release of Fabric 1.0 in July 2017.

Executive director Brian Behlendorf said that the release was a testament to the strength of the growing cross-industry community centred around the Linux Foundation hosted project.

“The release of Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0 is a significant milestone for the Hyperledger community and the Enterprise Blockchain space,” said Ram Jagadeesan, Distinguished Engineer and CTO of Blockchain at Cisco and Hyperledger Governing Board Member and Chair of Architecture Work Group.

“At Cisco, we strongly believe in open source, standards and interoperability, and are excited to see the Sawtooth team reach this milestone and showcase the vibrant and diverse DLT ecosystem developing under the Hyperledger umbrella.”

Chair of the Hyperledger technical steering committee, Christopher Ferris, said that the release was a vindication of the project’s ‘umbrella’ strategy of being a place for collaboration and an incubator for many different projects. Sawtooth itself has been supported by an active community that includes such heavy-hitters as Ericsson, IBM, Huawei and Amazon Web Services.

The project has seen proof of concepts deployed in multiple different business cases, including content rights attribution and the recording of healthcare transactions.

Ledger framework

Hyperledger Sawtooth is an open-source framework for distributed ledgers. It is one of nine current blockchain and distributed ledger technology projects currently hosted by Hyperledger.

Sawtooth has the following features:

  • Smart contracts cane be used for on-chain governance measures such as voting on blockchain configuration settings
  • The advanced transaction execution engine allows for transactions to be processed in parallel for accelerated block creation and validation
  • Solidity smart contracts integrated with Ethereum tooling
  • Blockchain consensus protocols can be upgraded as the networks grows so that more scalable algorithms can be integrated
  • Smart contracts can be programmed in a range of languages including Go, Javascript and Python

“Our customers are looking to build scalable blockchain solutions for use cases across multiple industries,” said Matt Yanchyshyn, Director Solutions Architecture, Amazon Web Services.

“Providing Sawtooth as a turn-key product running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows our customers to deploy their own blockchains in a matter of minutes, while reducing the time it takes to run blockchain-based solutions on AWS.”


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