Crowd Machine looks to become the Squarespace of blockchain

Crowd Machine - decentralised apps

Crowd Machine wants to help people create decentralised apps without the need to write a single line of code.

In much the same way that Squarespace has opened up website design to everyone and Photoshop has made everyone a picture editor, Crowd Machine aims to enable businesses to build and deploy apps in a fraction of the current development time.

The product is a distributed network with an embedded capability to develop and execute decentralised apps.

The foundation of the technology is a protocol allowing apps to be optimised for cost and speed on any blockchain, including the big hitters Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. Apps built and run on the Crowd Machine network can also swap between different blockchains based on preference between transaction speed or transaction cost.

The company hopes that this will free apps from having to be bound to specific blockchains, and allow for fair market-based pricing.

‘Blockchain agnostic’

The product also features a community owned repository, Crowd Share, that contains the digital assets that are created using the crowd machine platform. Users who contribute to Crowd Share will be compensated each time that their application is used by another person.

Crucially, Crowd Machine also allows for programmable smart contracts extensions, also without the user needing to write any code.

“There are many possible smart contract models. But as it stands today, smart contract capabilities are limited. As blockchain technology is more widely adopted, the power and flexibility of smart contracts will need to improve,” commented founder Craig Sproule.

“Our technology allows you to build sophisticated decentralized apps and smart contracts on the Crowd Machine network and gives you the option to choose what blockchain you want to interact with, whether that be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or more.”

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