Gospel Technology announces proof of concept availability for enterprise trust fabric


Gospel Technology has announced that it has developed a proof of concept for its Enterprise Trust Fabric, which is built using the Linux Hyperledger blockchain platform.

The company argues its Enterprise Trust Fabric has improved the blockchain technology to make it stable and scalable – naturally important requirements for large enterprises – while the technology will also help organisations protect against data breaches.

Features include record immutability, cryptographic provenance and decentralised consensus. Writing on LinkedIn in January, Ian Smith, Gospel founder and CEO, says the technology aims to “deliver a platform that rethinks trust and confidence in a world that is essentially perimeterless and trustless.”

“As digital technology proliferates, traditional trust models are no longer adequate,” Smith wrote. “Blockchain has huge potential and is being adopted into [the] mainstream.”

Using the Gospel Enterprise Trust Fabric, business can connect their digital assets including containers, applications, and data to an enterprise distributed ledger. This ledger is based on immutable blockchain technology, which guarantees the integrity and identity of the content appended through decentralised validation. The appended data cannot be tampered, thus ensuring provenance and history for the key trust indicators (KTIs) of the digital assets. For data regulation, KTIs are bound to a cryptographic hash and can then absolutely guarantee the integrity of the data state.


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