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Walmart exploring its own cryptocurrency and NFT collection

Walmart Store

Retail giant Walmart has filed a number of documents with the US Patent and Trademark Office that suggest it will launch its own cryptocurrency and NFT collection.

The seven new trademarks, which were signed late in December, indicate the retailer plans to make and sell virtual goods...

NatWest Markets establishes new blockchain team


NatWest has created a new digital team within its capital markets business to upscale its blockchain strategy.

Leading the team will be Chris Agathangelou, who was recently appointed as NatWest’s head of digital capital markets.

The team will focus on delivering credit and...

PayPal is exploring its own stablecoin

PayPal Office, Dublin

PayPal has confirmed it is exploring its own stablecoin after code and logos relating to a “PayPal Coin” were discovered in the company’s iPhone app.

Jose Fernandez da Ponte, senior vice president of crypto and digital currencies at PayPal, told Bloomberg, “We are exploring a...

What are meme coins and are they worth investing?


Ever since the advent of Bitcoin in the latter half of 2012, the idea behind a digital currency has become incredibly popular to investors as more and more people get interested in cryptocurrency.

As one would expect, this phenomenon has driven large corporations and even individuals...

Crypto-based crime outpaced by total market’s growth in 2021

Crypto-based Crime

Crypto-based crime hit an all-time high in 2021, but the growth of the digital assets market as a whole far surpassed the rise in illicit activity.

A record $14 billion (£10.4bn) flooded into crypto wallets with criminal associations in 2021, more than doubling from the previous...